Possible types of weddings in Greece

Once you choose to plan your wedding in Greece, you may wonder what the possible types of ceremonies are. Greece is a hospitable country with a welcoming culture, beyond any kind of discrimination. Your wedding in Greece could definitely get along with your religion or your beliefs. There are four possible types of wedding ceremonies in Greece. Orthodox, catholic, civil and symbolic wedding ceremonies.

Now, before you plan your wedding in Greece, let’s examine each ceremony apart and see the advantages and disadvantages.

Orthodox wedding:

Orthodox Religious wedding in Greece is one of the holy mysteries of Orthodox Church. This type of wedding is appropriate for Christian couples. Not only will they have the perfect scenery in Greece but also follow their religious traditions. This ceremony is an eternal vow in front of God, Son and Holy Spirit. Woman and man are united and promise to follow His will and raise up a faithful family through their union. Orthodoxy serves the asset that wedding is a spiritual rather than fleshy relation. The Orthodox wedding includes the exchange of rings and crowns. Officially, there are not many maids of honor or best men but only a person or a couple that will exchange the crowns. There are numerous Orthodox Churches and many of them are located in extraordinary places that complete the perfect scenery for your wedding in Greece.

Catholic wedding:

Catholic wedding is an agreement between the couple by which a woman and a man commit themselves into a lifelong partnership. A symbolic ceremony that emphasizes the wife’s honesty and the husband’s loyalty. Your catholic wedding could be quite flexible as you can choose specific Biblical reading that mirror your kind of relation and personality. The priest will guide you to exchange rings and vows. In addition, members of your family can read prayers and hymns can escort the bride through her way to the aisle. You can also have your loved ones to be maids of honour and best men to stand by you during the ceremony. There are several Catholic churches that can hold weddings in Greece, especially in islands. There are also mixed types of Catholic weddings. Marriage with a non-Catholic Christian and marriage with a non-Christian that both follow a slightly different process.

Civil marriage:

A Civil marriage ceremony in Santorini is legally accepted by the government. It is performed by government authorities and is very convenient for people of different religion. This type of wedding in Greece can be held practically anywhere. You can choose the destination you like whether it is an island or a city. Despite its bureaucratic character this ceremony can be very exciting. The preparations for the civil marriage can be as enthusiastic as you have imagined. The bride is able to wear her wedding gown without any limitations. And don’t forget that your wedding planner in Greece can tip the scale in a favour of you after wedding party. So you can still have a great time without a long-lasting ceremony.

Symbolic Wedding or Vow Renewal:

Symbolic ceremonies in Greece are just what symbolic means. This type of marriage is not legally recognized. Since it has no legal requirements you avoid all the paperwork. Your symbolic wedding in Greece can take place in any place you want. A hotel, a villa, a beach, a cave, a garden! A symbolic wedding is performed by a person of your personal preference, whether he/she is a friend of yours or a member of your family. However, the wedding can still preserve its brilliance as you can still choose a fancy wedding dress and follow the formal dress code. Greece is an excellent choice for your Vows Renewal, as well. If your love withstands the time that passes by, we will make this ceremony a lifetime experience.

 Same Sex wedding in Santorini:

Santorini can make the perfect background for your Same Sex Wedding in Greece. You can organize a same sex or gay wedding in Santorini. You and your loved one will have a memorable wedding experience in Santorini, one of the best wedding destinations worldwide.

Santorini, an island of extreme beauty, is the perfect background for your special moment. Your wedding planner in Greece will help you organize and hold an exciting ceremony, always taking into consideration your personal taste and vision.

Hindu wedding in Santorini:

Santorini island is the perfect destination for your Hindu wedding in Greece.







Wedding types in Santorini November 30, 2014