Live streaming your Wedding – A Brilliant Opportunity

Technology helps our lives in a myriad of small ways each and every day, and your wedding should be no exception. A recent technological offering that can truly make a huge difference on your wedding day is live streaming. Live streaming simply means the live delivery of video content over the internet, and it’s more prominent now than ever on the World Wide Web – from sports matches to the entire program of a TV station, from zoo webcams to music concerts. And now, weddings. Your wedding. Why? Because it is…


While having your wedding abroad is a truly magical experience, there’s a very obvious set-back. On such occasions many guests you’d otherwise love to have at the ceremony are not able to make it. Live streaming offers a wonderful solution to the dilemma of dream wedding vs. wedding with your loved ones: Everyone and anyone you want can watch you and your partner exchange your vows in sunny Greece from the comfort of their living-rooms, or even on their smartphones, while on-the-go. They do not have to be technology gurus to set up: while the actual process of broadcasting requires specialized staff, accessing and watching the live stream is one of the easiest, most straightforward things you can enjoy on a computer. Your guests just have to click a few times, and voila! the wonderful sight is before their eyes.


Affordable –

While this technology is groundbreaking, it is still certainly affordable. As part of your wedding package, live streaming is a minimal addition if you consider the huge benefits, let alone the happiness you’ll bring to the loved ones who couldn’t make it. Compared to the forbidding, huge costs of flying dozens, even hundreds of people abroad and setting them up in hotels, live streaming is the ultimate, affordable solution. And let’s be frank – some friends and family would be disappointed if you chose to marry in a far-away land, without them being able to experience your ceremony. Live streaming balances all this chaos and ensures everyone is happy.

Direct –

If you’re wondering about the advantages of live streaming over a wedding video, wonder no longer. Anyone who has ever participated in a wedding through live streaming can attest to the immediacy and intimacy of the experience. Because the broadcast is in real-time, the experience is much more direct – some say they even shed tears, as if they were physically at the ceremony. There is no need for your loved ones to wait in anticipation before you return home, or find the time to upload a video to the internet to see how beautiful you looked in your wedding dress. Let live streaming do that for you, instantaneously.

Promoting togetherness –

There are a number of reasons why a potential guest cannot make it to a wedding ceremony, especially one that requires traveling– time, limited mobility, family or workplace duties, even age. There’s no reason why they can’t still participate by utilizing this wonderful live streaming technology and organizing a screening. This way, they can still experience the collective aspect of your wedding, and celebrate in your joy collectively, even from afar. Think of grandma and grandpa, together with the rest of their grand-children and family watching you from the comfort of their sofa while you walk down the aisle on the other side of the globe. Indeed, this is now possible.

“Santorini wedding” planning team offers the equipment and technological know-how to stream a state-of-the-art live video feed of your wedding ceremony and reception to virtual guests all over the world. This is done in a reliable manner that ensures your privacy and your guest’s experience. Our expert videographers and technical staff ensure that the video quality is highly professional, and the shots are focused on what truly matters.

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live streaming wedding April 1, 2015