Welcome to our site for your wedding in Santorini island.

It is a pleasure for us to make your wedding an unforgettable experience. You are here to plan the wedding that you have imagined. In Greece every dream comes true.


Who are we?

“Santorini-wedding.co” is part of a company that will provide you any kind of information and all the required work, for your wedding in Santorini. Our job is to make your wedding a fantastic experience. Our knowledge in wedding planning will give you the results you are looking for. We can help anyone thinking about having their wedding in Greece. We take up all the responsibilities for such an event and we take into account your personal needs and yearnings.


Dream Team

We deal with wedding planning professionally. Our team is composed of some of the best professionals in wedding industry. Not only will we plan your wedding theoretically but also deal with all the important details. Wedding planners, accountants, photographers, hair-dressers, stylists and decorators will work hard to make your wedding in Santorini a memorable moment that you will never forget.


Passionate Greeks!

We proudly mention that the whole team is based in Greece and all the members are native Greeks. That is a quite important aspect. Living and working in Greece has given us great experience and awareness of the wedding business. We know our job and we know it well. There is no need to worry that you may be overcharged or fooled. Our first concern is that your wedding in Santorini will be your very touching moment and that there will be nothing to ruin this.


We care

We sure are professionals but you come first! We want the intended spouses to be as glad as possible. For this reason we deal with one wedding at a time so we can assure the best results. Your wedding in Santorini will be planned exactly as you have imagined. You will take into consideration your personal opinion and we will cooperate with you and your family. We will go along with your desire and of course your budget. We are here for you!

To whom do we address to?

Our services are addressed to any of you thinking to get married in Santorini. You are welcome to contact us beyond your origin, religion, financial condition, current residence. We are here to find a solution for any of your hesitations.


Why us?

Because we can provide you complete wedding services in Santorini. Our wedding planning skills, our experience, our variety of services and our real passion about our job are our greatest assets. You relax, we do the rest!



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About Santorini wedding planners March 24, 2014