Why choose us for wedding planners in Santorini?

Your wedding is a special, magnificent event that creates everlasting memories and sets the tone for an entire lifetime together with your loved one. Sadly, the ecstatic joy of saying “yes” to creating a life together soon gives way the stressful and tedious task of actually planning the big day.

Let’s face it: planning a wedding is no simple task. It takes time, expertise in a multitude of fields and lots and lots of effort. That’s why hiring a wedding planner to do the job for you is the smartest choice you can make. After all, you can’t possible have as much experience in planning weddings as we do!

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Extensive Experience

Our ten years of service to demanding couples like you have provided us with invaluable experience in planning weddings. Hundreds of satisfied customers and dozens of perfectly planned events have already given us a proud reputation as one of the best wedding planning services in Greece. We have successfully dealt with every aspect of organizing beautiful ceremonies and receptions in the past, and have grown to become experts at solving often unforeseen problems and complications before they arise. We deal with every little detail behind the scenes during the planning and executing phase so that you can enjoy the picture-perfect results without a care in the world, as rightful stars of your wedding day.

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Superior sunset wedding in santorini santorini-wedding.co

Legal Expertise

Dealing with foreign bureaucracy can be notoriously challenging. We have expert knowledge of Greek wedding laws, especially pertaining to couples from abroad. We offer a wide variety of ceremony types, and maintain up-to-date lists of the few steps you have to take in order to partake in each of them, for your convenience. Regardless of the ceremony you choose, we can act on your behalf to gather all necessary documents, find the right officials and compete all the required paperwork to ensure your wedding goes as planned, with no unpleasant surprises.

Expert Planning and Time-Management

Our extensive experience has lead us to be able to organize a wide variety of impeccable, dreamy weddings, from traditional Greek Orthodox weddings to romantic symbolic ceremonies on beaches and luxurious celebrations in exclusive locations. Your imagination is the only limit – leave the rest to our expert staff. Time management is one of our strongest skills. Our understanding of time constraints and corresponding implications ensures that everything is on time and perfectly prepared.

Please read through the testimonials to find out what our customers have said about our services, and browse through our blog and gallery to see some examples of perfectly organized celebrations for couples from all over the world.

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Extensive network of professionals

Over the years, we have cooperated with hundreds of specialized professionals to plan and execute perfect weddings – we have carefully selected and kept only the finest ones, combining quality with affordability. From wedding photographers and videographers to interior and exterior decorators and florists, from DJs to make-up artists and hair stylists, we only collaborate with exceptional service providers and vendors, and supervise their services so that you don’t have to. Catering is also a central part of the reception – don’t hesitate to tell us your needs and preferences, and we’ll search for the best quality fit for your requirements.

State-of-the-art equipment and technology

An ideal wedding of the 21st can involve a surprising amount of technological apparatus and specialized knowledge for its handling. Even if you choose to go retro-classic, you’d be amazed at the variety of technical equipment involved in a perfect ceremony, from cameras with special lenses and spotlights to photo-booth and internet live-streaming options. Luckily, you don’t have to bother with these details at all. Our staff and collaborators have access to equipment and the technical know-how to deal with every little technical and technological aspect your wedding demands.

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It is you that inspire us to constantly come up with new ideas to satisfy your every need. Please let us know your deepest desires, regardless of how exotic or unusual they may be. You provide the inspiration; we provide the knowledge and ability to find solutions and suggestions for any setting, style or theme. As for affordability, our rates are flexible and always depend on your budget and requirements. In our collaboration, our aim is to satisfy even the most demanding of customers, and organize picture-perfect weddings and memories that truly deserve to last a lifetime!

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