Have you ever thought to have your Jewish Wedding in one of the top wedding destinations worldwide? Do you find it difficult to choose the right location for your ceremony? We have the answer for you! Santorini is an idyllic island, located in Aegean Sea, Greece and it is considered as one of the best wedding destinations. Religious weddings ceremonies take place in Santorini every year and numerous couples have had the time of their life there. Jewish Wedding Ceremony in Santorini is the best option for you if you really want something unique and dreamy.

• The magnificent island of Santorini.

Santorini is famous for the exceptional landscape and the remarkable beauty. The wild splendor of the volcanic morphology creates an incomparable atmosphere that captivates any visitor. The Caldera is the ideal background for your special moment. The incredible view of the sea and the sunset will seal your happiness. Hundred couples choose Santorini for their wedding. Many wedding venues are available to host your Jewish Wedding in Santorini. In cooperation with your wedding planner in Greece, you will choose the perfect venue for your ceremony. Jewish weddings can be performed literally anywhere. Santorini has a great, mild climate during summer so the best choice is to hold the ceremony outdoors. Modern villas, picturesque gardens, yards with fantastic view to Caldera, volcanic beaches are some of the best open-air venues. If you wish, you can choose among luxurious halls and fancy lobbies. In addition, you have the opportunity to make the difference by choosing a cruise ship or an old winery for your ceremony. One is for sure! Your ceremony in Santorini will be one-of-a-kind.

• Stages for you Jewish Wedding Ceremony in Santorini:

Before ceremony, the groom is committed to sign a kind of contract, called ketubah. This contract recites all the obligations of the groom towards the bride. The traditional wedding ceremony takes place under the Chuppah. A Chuppah or Huppah is a canopy. The couple stands underneath it during the wedding ceremony. Right before the beginning of the ceremony, the bride often covers her face with a veil. The covering of the bride is a rite symbolizing Laban’s trick to Jacob. The two fathers accompany the groom and the two mothers accompany the bride to the Chuppah. When the Jewish Wedding ceremony begins, the bride encircles the groom three or seven times. After that, the couple tastes wine and then the groom gives the bride the ring. Thereafter, the rabbi declaims the seven blessings. When the ceremony is almost reaching the end, the groom breaks a glass with his right foot. The breaking of the glass is happening in order to temper the excessive joy. After the wedding ceremony, the couple should withdraw in a private place for a short time. Afterwards, the true feast begins. Dancing is a significant factor of Jewish wedding. There are several special dances performed by the guests in front of the couple. The wedding is completed when two glasses of wine are poured into a third, signifying the eternal union of the couple.

• You should know:

-The ceremony may vary from family to family. The description above is just a reference to the typical ceremony. You and our wedding planning team will discuss any differences in the process of the ceremony.

-Jewish Wedding in Greece is legally valid only if both groom and bride are Jewish.

-The ceremony is typically performed by a rabbi. However, if one of your relatives or friends has an authorized permission to hold the rite of marriage, he may replace the rabbi.

-For further information concerning wedding venues in Santorini, please contact your wedding planner.

“Santorini wedding team” will arrange every ceremony and reception detail. Our wedding planning team consists of the best experts in wedding industry. Professionals in photography, flower decoration, styling and beauty services, event planning, videography  and superior catering, will offer you and your loved one the best results.

Jewish Wedding in Santorini is what you are looking for. Uniqueness, beauty, romance, elegance will combine to create an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Jewish wedding in Santorini island December 11, 2014