Santorini weddings

Santorini is one of the most requested place for destination weddings. You can have your wedding in any place in Santorini you may like, as venues in famous Caldera, yachts …
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Wedding Package

It’s fun and easy to create your wedding package using “Santorini Wedding”. Give your wedding a unique style, by designing your package of services with us.
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Wedding Types

One of the best in Santorini, is that you can have any type of wedding you may like. Civil wedding, Religious, Symbolic, Indian, Vows renewal, Same-sex…
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Legal documents

We are dedicated to offer you the best services with support in all legal documents required. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or require assistance…
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Need a wedding planner you can count on? Look no further!

“Santorini Wedding” company, is a very powerful wedding planning company which offers the best wedding packages for your unforgetable wedding in santorini island. We will design and plan your wedding ceremony and reception in Santorini with minimal effort.

Why choose “Santorini Wedding” as your wedding planners?

  • You will use the experience of full time wedding planners in Santorini, so you will be more than sure that your best day will exceed all expectations
  • We are an affiliated company of “Wedding in Greece”, leading wedding planning company in Greece, so you will be more than sure that you will get the best services
  • Venue’s “wedding planner” isn’t really your wedding planner. You need to hire vendors you can trust, not a part-time planner
  • Wedding costs can easily escalate. Because of our vendors, we will in fact save you money(usually more than our fees)
  • Planning destination wedding is a complex task. We will save you time
  • Make sure that everything is organised and done in the right order
  • We are professional consultants, so will help you with everything involved in planning your wedding in Santorini
  • We will do the legal work for you, saving you days and weeks of time
  • You will enjoy every moment of the planning process.
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Symbolic Weddings in Santorini

Some may misunderstand Symbolic Weddings as lacking meaning or value, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The name itself indicates a profound symbolization. It’s a testament to your partner being your other half, allowing you to express your feelings towards them while promising eternal love

Should I get married in Greece? 

Welcome to Greece, a country greatly renowned for its natural beauty, encompassing many landscapes and seascapes. The Aegean and Ionian Seas are particularly striking, with crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches, perfect for swimming, sailing, and exploring. The Greek islands are another highlight for their unique landscapes,

The beauty of a destination wedding in Greece

If you are still deciding whether you should have your marriage abroad, it will be helpful to know that a destination wedding is the best way to create lasting memories in a special place you’ll always cherish. Weddings celebrate love and commitment, a momentous occasion where two

Explore the Endless Possibilities of planning to perfection!

“Santorini-Wedding” is a modern and highly experienced wedding planning company offering services to couples coming from abroad, planning their destination wedding in Santorini island and all over Greece. We are super flexible providing all required wedding services. We are offering all the tools you need to create a unique wedding. Working with the Best Wedding planners in Santorini and get all the services you will need and many more!

Civil Wedding in Santorini

Civil wedding possibilities are truly endless in Santorini, so take a look at what we can offer and decide for yourself. No two weddings made with “Santorini Wedding” will ever look the same.

Orthodox Santorini Wedding

Religious Orthodox weddings in Santorini, is also an option. “Santorini Wedding” company, is able to provide you with high quality wedding planning services in any church or chapel you may like in Santorini. Start planning your wedding today.

Symbolic wedding

 Symbolic or Blessing wedding in Santorini island, is becoming more popular every year. Can be performed by Town Hall Mayor or by another person, according your request. Thsi type of wedding ceremony is perfect for…

“I want to say thank you for organizing our wedding.
It wasn’t a tough decision for me because all of my communications was nice and smooth. They found me photographer, videographer, catering, DJ, hairdresser and many other services you name it. All of this assured me that I’m working with true professionals.
Everything regarding to the wedding it self was outstanding. He even found me a russian speaking waiter and moreover a russian MC (tamada) that I couldn’t believe. My overall evaluation of their services is 5 out of 5, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to have a great wedding with a hassle.
Thank you guys, you are the best! .”
— Alexander & Xenia
“I want to say thank you for organizing our beautiful wedding.
Thank you guys, you are the best! .”
— Vasilis & Maria
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