Santorini is the ideal place for such a loving ceremony. Vow Renewal is a very emotional ceremony that seals a happy married life and a true love story. Your story! Symbolic ceremony will fulfill your expectations. You and your loved one will have an unforgettable experience in Santorini, where your dreams come true.

Santorini renewal vows

Santorini renewal vows

Before you decide, you have to know some important details about Santorini Vow Renewal. Let’s see.

  • When you should renew your vows?

Vow Renewal is something that you should do whenever you feel like it. Even a minor reason makes a good opportunity for Vow Renewal. However, if you are looking for a reason, we are ready to suggest the perfect occasions for such ceremonies.

  • Anniversaries: There is a whole list about wedding anniversaries and their symbolization. You may choose to celebrate your 10th (Aluminum), 20th (China), 30th (Pearl), 40th (Ruby), 50th (Gold) and why not 60th (Diamond) anniversary. If you cannot wait that much you can always renew your vows.
  • Where it all started: A good opportunity for Vows Renewal is visiting again the place where you first met or got married. In this case, if you have met your loved one or performed your wedding in Santorini, you have found the perfect opportunity to come back.
  • A second chance: In case your wedding was not what you really wanted and you have imagined the perfect ceremony, well, here is your chance. Organize Vow Renewal and have the ceremony you deserve in Santorini, where else!
  • Hello sunshine: Greece is famous for the perfect weather conditions and the beautiful sun. Not all countries have this privilege. If your wedding was held in winter or a sudden shower ruined your wedding day, you have an obvious reason to choose Santorini for a Vow Renewal ceremony.
  • You can afford it now: Many couples cannot afford an after-wedding party or a reception once they get married. When some years go by and your financial condition is enhanced, you may want to have the reception you have imagined. Invite your loved guests and your family and have a great time in your Santorini Vow Renewal.


Vows renewal in Santorini, Greece

Vows renewal in Santorini, Greece

  • Why should you renew your vows and why Santorini?

Santorini is a most famous wedding destination. Many couples decide to have their Vow Renewal ceremony in Santorini to have an amazing experience. Santorini is a very romantic island suitable for your Vow Renewal. This type of ceremony signifies the true meaning of wedding. The married couple promises once again that they will continue to live together and happily ever after. Vow Renewal is a very loving ceremony that proves that true love does exist. Santorini is the perfect background to embellish your confession of love, respect, appreciation and tenderness.


Wedding venue Santorini

Wedding venue Santorini

  • Amazing places for your Santorini Vow Renewal.

Santorini is one of the most popular wedding destinations worldwide. Many dreamy locations are available for your Vow Renewal ceremony. You have the opportunity to choose any place you want according to your personal taste and vision. A unique background will surely give you an incredible experience. Some of the venues you can choose for your Santorini Vow Renewal are:

  • Volcanic beaches: Santorini, known for the volcano, has the most unique beaches in Europe. The volcano has created amazing landscapes and beaches of great beauty. Red Beach with black volcanic rocks, Perissa with black sand, White Beach with white volcanic rocks, Vlihada with magnificent cliffs all around are places available for you ceremony in Santorini.
  • Venues with view to Caldera: Caldera is a spectacular part of Santorini island. The unique view and the beautiful sunset are famous worldwide. Venues with view to Caldera can hold your ceremony. You and your wedding planner can choose the perfect place for you and your loved one. The amazing view will give your ceremony an incredible sense.
  • Remarkable locations: Hotels, terraces or reception halls are common venues available for your ceremony. However, you can go for a different and unique venue. You can choose among cruise ships, old factories, extraordinary cliffs, balconies. An old-winery is also a good option, as many couples choose it for their Vow Renewal ceremony.

If you and your spouse have an extraordinary idea for your Vow Renewal ceremony location, you can contact your wedding planner for other suggestions and further information.

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Vows renewal in Santorini December 20, 2014