Santorini is one of the best wedding destinations worldwide. Any type of wedding can be performed in amazing venues all over the island. A Hindu Wedding in Santorini is one of the ceremonies that have been successfully held in Island. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience and still want to keep it the traditional way, you have just found the perfect wedding destination. Check below everything related to an Indian wedding in Santorini, Greece.

Indian wedding venue Santorini Greece

Indian wedding Santorini Greece

• Hindu Wedding in Santorini

A great interest in Indian Weddings in Greece has lately been growing. It is a fact that Greece is one of the top wedding destinations worldwide and provides you a wide variety of wedding venues and wedding options. Santorini is one of the most favored destinations in Greece. Numerous Hindu couples have decided to perform their wedding ceremony in Santorini, so far. The unique landscape in combination with the phenomenal view enhances the joyful Hindu Wedding Ceremony.

• A little about Santorini:

Santorini is located in the southern Aegean Sea. The extraordinary landscape is the result of the eruption of the once active volcano. This eruption divided the island into four parts, Thera, Therasia, Aspronisi and Nea and Palea Kameni. The mainland, Thera, is located in a non-volcanic area but close to the Caldera. This unique geomorphology has created amazing scenery of extreme beauty. Moreover, Santorini is renowned for the best sunset view. This blessed island is definitely the best wedding destination in Greece.

• Parts of Hindu wedding ceremony in Santorini.

Wedding is one of the most significant sacraments of Hinduism. Ancient Hindu literature recognizes eight different types of marriages. Therefore, the ceremony is not typical as the procedure depends on family traditions and religious beliefs. Every family follows the rite of their choice. However, there is a main structure of Hindu wedding ceremony with common parts. The ceremony is divides in three main parts, the pre-wedding, the wedding and the post-wedding rituals. The commonplaces in Hindu wedding rites are:

-Kanyadaan: The bride’s father performs this rite and it is symbolizes the giving of the daughter to the groom.

-Panigrahana: During his sacrament, the groom announces the bride’s acceptance by him and his family. The groom is holding the bride’s hand in order to signify their eternal union. Panigrahana is often preceded by Vihaha rite, namely the setting of a fire standing for the start of a new home.

-Saptapadi: The most crucial ritual of Hindu Wedding. Saptapadi means “The Seven Steps” in Sanskrit. The couple conducts seven rounds around Agni (the holy fire). Each round has a different symbolization and the couple takes seven wedding vows.

Hindu wedding is a great amalgam of symbolism. Every small detail has its role and everything happens for a sacred reason. This marriage is not only the union of woman and man. It is also the unification of two families. The interaction between these two families during the wedding is exceptional. The celebration lasts for several days.

As we already mentioned, the ceremony varies from family to family. There are numerous different Indian traditions. In partnership with your wedding planner in Greece, you will be able to organize the perfect Hindu Wedding in Santorini.

Indian bride Santorini wedding Greece

Indian bride Santorini wedding

• Santorini venues for your ceremony

Hindu wedding is a colorful and vivid ceremony. The whole family participates in this eternal union. The clothes are spectacular, the rites are sparkling and the ceremony is a big celebration. Santorini is the ideal wedding destination for your Hindu marriage. This astonishing island will highlight your wedding at most. There are several venues in Santorini available to host your ceremony. The most proper venues for a Hindu Wedding in Santorini are villas, due to the fact that Hindu ceremonies are long and may last for days. Many Hindu couples have already performed their ceremony in luxurious villas. Along with your wedding planner, you will have the opportunity to see and choose among beautiful villas all over the island. Decorated with traditional blue-white colors, located in picturesque areas, embellished with fantastic gardens and providing the most phenomenal view, villas in Santorini are available for you and your loved ones. If you seek the difference, you have also the chance to choose amazing outdoor venues, cruise ships, volcanic beaches and many more. Just discuss your personal wedding vision with your wedding planner and anything can come true. Check here about possible wedding venues in Santorini.

Indian wedding bride in Greece

Indian wedding bride in Greece

• Keep in mind:

– Having a wedding ceremony in a foreign country demands a certain bureaucratic procedure. You have to take into consideration all the legal requirements your wedding planner will point out in order to avoid any legal issues.

– Hindu ceremonies are mainly performed in Sanskrit. However, your Hindu Wedding in Santorini can be performed in your language.
– Your wedding planner will indicate all the available wedding venues in Santorini.
Santorini wedding planners are ready to listen to your wedding vision and make it happen, so don’t hesitate and contact us as soon as possible. Get ready to experience the moment of your life in your Hindu Wedding in Santorini.

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