Services for your Santorini wedding.

It is understandable that when you choose a destination wedding in Santorini you will face some difficulties. You will definitely need professional help to make your dream wedding come true. A wedding planner in Greece with much of experience and passion is what you need. Our wedding planning team can provide you a variety of services in order to organize fully your Santorini wedding.
Therefore, you don’t have to worry about finding a skillful photographer or even a famous boutique for the perfect wedding dress. We can take control of anything concerning the ceremony. You enjoy your wedding without stress!

1. The perfect wedding photographer in Greece!

Photographs are a very important part of your wedding in Santorini. It is obvious that when you return home the only thing reminding you of your wedding day will be the photos. It is fundamental you have a professional photographer for the perfect results. When you are abroad though, you are not able to know the experts. is able to suggest the most experienced photographers in Greece. We cooperate with professionals with experience in weddings. Our wedding planning team will discuss your needs and desires for your wedding and will find the ideal photographer especially for you and your loved one.

2. The best place.

Your wedding planner is the only person that can recommend you the best locations for your wedding in Santorini. Although Santorini is a small island, there are many locations for wedding ceremonies. Taking into consideration that you can choose among many locations in the island, we will adjust your personal taste into your wedding location. Your Santorini Civil, Symbolic or Same Sex weddings can be held in luxurious hotels, modern villas or traditional residences. As far as Santorini Orthodox or Catholic weddings are concerned, beautiful chapels with amazing view to Caldera are perfect for your ceremony. Besides the common venues that are able to hold a wedding ceremony, our wedding planning team will suggest you extraordinary ones! This means that your wedding ceremony can be performed in cruise ships, cliffs, volcanic beaches, balconies, old factories and wineries, yards overlooking the amazing Santorini sunset!

3. The dream of every Bride!

Every woman have imagined her wedding day and of course her Wedding gown! We are here to make every bride’s dream come true. Our wedding planning team cooperates with the best stylists and hairdressers. The first factor for choosing your wedding dress is your financial condition. You have a huge variety of prices and styles to choose from. If you are looking for a unique dress exactly as how you have imagined, you can choose to have a professional tailor make your dreamy dress! If you want your dress to be simpler, we can suggest many wedding boutiques for any taste and liking in Santorini. You can also choose to wear a second-hand wedding dress, thinking that you will wear it only once. We will offer you a professional styling help if needed.

4. Beauty for you

Part of our services, is suggestions for beauty services. We are cooperated with the best and most experienced vendors in Santorini. Make-up artist, hair stylist for you and your guests. Artists will meet you in your hotel room and will offer you the best services you have ever imagine. Our hair-stylists will take care of your hairdo in order to have a complete and perfect result! All these taking into consideration your financial status and finding the best deals for you.

5. No stress!

Your Santorini wedding will be the moment of your life. You don’t want stress and anxiety ruin this moment. Well, that’s why we are here! Your wedding planner will relieve you, as any legal requirement will be settled. It is obvious that weddings abroad have legal requirements. You don’t have to worry about it though. We explain even the merest detail, we inform you for what is needed, we ask for specific documents, we take care of every legal procedure. You will be aware for what is needed as soon as you contact us and you will not have any trouble as far as for your wedding. In a few words, we do all the paperwork! You just relax and enjoy your Santorini Wedding.

6. Show must go on! provides you the opportunity to feel like a celebrity and share your moment with family and friend from far away. We provide you live streaming for your ceremony through the internet. In case your beloved friends and relatives are not able to enjoy your wedding in Santorini, they have the chance to watch the ceremony live through the internet. Wedding Live Streaming service is an innovative concept. You can’t find it everywhere! Our wedding planning team operates specific hardware and software online. We use one up to three cameras to provide perfect image and sound. Share your Santorini Wedding with your loved ones without caring about tickets or accommodation. Your wedding is live streaming!

7. Don’t hesitate!

For any question or request, don’t be afraid to contact us! You are welcome to ask anything you want and we are willing to solve any problem you have. and all of us care about you first! We want your Santorini Wedding to be an unforgettable experience.

Services November 26, 2014