Civil Wedding in Santorini

Yes! You have chosen one of the best wedding destinations worldwide, Santorini. You and your loved one want to have the perfect wedding ceremony without any religious discrimination. Just you and your other half! The ideal type of wedding for you is the Civil Wedding. Civil Wedding in Santorini is a short process with few beloved guests. This gives you the opportunity to focus on your own pleasure. Enjoy the amazing beauty of Santorini and have a great time with family and friends and of course the love of your life.

Now, let’s see more details about your Santorini Civil Wedding Ceremony so as to have no questions about it.

Beyond discriminations.
Civil Wedding is a type of marriage that overlooks any differences. It is possible for couples of different religion, race and origin to get married. Civil Wedding can be performed in most countries. In Greece, Civil marriage is very common and many Greeks, in order to save both time and money, prefer this type of wedding. Santorini is highly preferred by couples from all over the world for Civil Weddings. Since 1980, more than 80.000 couples have been married in Santorini.

The Civil Ceremony:
Civil Wedding in Santorini takes place literally anywhere you want! In contrast with other locations in Greece or other countries, Santorini Civil Wedding can be held everywhere around the island. A hotel? A beach? A beautiful balcony with view to the extraordinary Caldera? You can choose your dreamy place and make your wedding a unique experience. Besides the couple, the presence of witnesses is required. You can certainly have friends and family by your side in such a special occasion. The mayor or any other legally authorized person performs the wedding. Due to the mammoth number of couples holding Civil Weddings in Santorini, the ceremony is performed both in Greek and in English. The process is short and mere. After the ceremony, you will have abundant time for wedding photos in Santorini, one of the most amazing islands in Europe.

A dream comes true.
You all have imagined your wedding ceremony at least once. It is obvious that dreams take place in beautiful places and magical sceneries. Santorini is a dreamy location that gives you and your loved one the opportunity to make a dream come true. You have the flexibility to choose among beautiful sites all over the island. Some of the most spectacular venues available for your Santorini Civil Wedding are:
The amazing yard of a chapel: St. Irene is a beautiful chapel. Its’ yard is available for Civil Wedding Ceremonies with an amazing view to Caldera.
The volcanic beaches: Red Beach has a unique terrain full of red and black volcanic rocks. Perissa is the most popular beach in Santorini with the clearest sea and black sand. These two beaches can surrender your wedding with an unforgettable sense.
Old winery: The famous Winery in Santorini provides a panoramic view of the Caldera and a traditional yet one of a kind wedding experience.
Uncommon ones: Besides the hotels or terraces that are available for holding a Civil Wedding, you can choose among cruise ships, old factories, extraordinary cliffs, balconies.
If you have a specific idea for the location of your wedding, you can contact your wedding planner for other suggestions and further information.

 Registration of your wedding:

In order for your wedding to be legal, you should declare it to Santorini municipality. This registration should be done at least 40 days before the ceremony. Groom and bride should submit the documents in person. You have the opportunity to have a representative do this job for you, but he/she would have the legal permission to act officially on your behalf.

Check here for all legal documents required for your civil wedding in Santorini island.

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Civil wedding in Santorini December 11, 2014