Having an experienced wedding photographer for your Santorini wedding is essential. We will provide you with the most experienced wedding photographer in Greece.

You need a wedding photographer that is highly experienced, knows Santorini island very well and of course has perform numerous weddings there.

wedding photographer santorini

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Wedding photography: Capturing the best moments of your life!

Your wedding in Santorini will be the ultimate experience you will ever have and we know that because we will take care of it to the last detail! Our team consists of professionals that fall for their work and that will make your whole experience perfect unforgettable. One of the most important and magnificent services that we provide is the full package of your wedding photography. The photographers we collaborate with, have the experience, the passion and the abilities to create the most beautiful photo album of your life. A photo album full of your best moments, tailor made for you and your soul mate.

Take a look on our photography services and drop us a line to learn more!

Pre wedding photography

Getting started from the previous day of the ceremony, we make a unique shooting, capturing you and your love a few hours before the event of your life! How we do that? Choosing together your favorite location of Santorini, building up the concept and setting the great scenery for your pre wedding shooting, known also as engagement shooting! Also, keeping you relaxed and calm, as you are going to be in the right –professional- hands. The most magical journey begins!

Preparation of the couple shooting

The day of the ceremony will be one of the most memorable days of your life…Love, friends, joy and your biggest fantasies all come together with a sweet anxiety about everything getting done as you have dreamt. You want everything to be perfect and at the same time you want to relish these special moments… Relax and enjoy these –one of a kind- hours of preparation, staying carefree and happy; and keep in mind that we will capture the best of these moments, so that you can keep this feeling of impatience and craving forever alive.

Wedding photographer Dana Villas Santorini Greece

Wedding photographer Dana Villas Santorini Greece

Ceremony & celebration shooting

Your -once in a lifetime- ceremony is such a big deal and we do know that. Our associates are, like us, passionate about executing what they love the most at its best. Love, care and professionalism are the core values of our photographers and we can guarantee you that this is what you will feel when you see the photos from your wedding and your celebration, afterwards! High-quality, modern aesthetics and approach, little details and all the mood of your wedding will become eternal in the best way they could.

Next day photography

The next day-literally speaking or not- of your marriage will find you more relaxed, happy and jaunty. This is the ultimate moment for our colleagues to offer you a more artistic and spontaneous photography proposal that you will envision and plan together! The location, the concept, the setting, even the styling and the decoration are going to be absolutely custom-made for you, without limitations or boundaries. Everything is possible in Santorini wedding… You just have to think about it and we will do our best to make it happen!

Wedding photographer beach wedding Santorini Greece

Wedding photographer beach wedding Santorini Greece

Our long and rich experience has fueled us with passion to offer the best wedding services in Santorini and this is the reason why we have chosen the best wedding photographers to collaborate with! Our portfolio will convince you that when it comes to a wedding in Santorini, you just have to rely on us!

Do you want to learn more or have a quote? Give us a call or send us an e-mail as soon as possible and let’s make this journey begin! info@santorini-wedding.co

wedding photographer santorini

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