Celebrating 50 years of marriage in Santorini, Golden Anniversary

Zoe was 25 years old and had just graduated from university. She had long shiny hair and a gorgeous smile that no one could resist.
Alex had just finished his master’s degree and started working for a big company. He was tall, dark, and promising.
Their paths fatally crossed as they met in a downtown cafe and continued meeting there in the mornings, almost daily. Their age gap was small, but their longing for acquaintance was conversely immense. They quickly exchanged vows and rings.
Marriage brought children and obligations. The difficulties of everyday life increased exponentially as the work became more demanding. And thus, with joys, dreams, fears and worries, but always with a lot of love and respect, they raised their family. Their children grew up, finished their studies, married, and started their own families.

Celebrating 50 years of marriage

Zoe and Alex recently celebrated 50 years of marriage, and some days ago, they returned home from Santorini, where they went to praise their “Golden Anniversary” and renew their vows. They left behind their everyday life and traveled together with good friends and relatives to the beautiful Greek island.

To cherish his wife for all these years of marriage, Alex gave his beloved a golden jewel for her neck. He even chose it from the jewelry store where they had made their wedding rings.

During their stay, they enjoyed excellent wines from local wineries as the volcano of Santorini has created a unique ecosystem that works beneficially for the vineyards. They enjoyed themselves like children, hugged and photographed in front of the mysterious and charming Caldera. They let their gaze wander to the unrivaled view of the volcanic islands and took delight in the enchanting sunset in Imerovigli. It is admittedly a sight that borns strong emotions.
They rented a jeep and drove around the island’s streets, wandering among the characteristic windmills. They read their book on the terrace of their hotel overlooking the endless blue sky and strolled through the picturesque alleys of the island. They shopped, laughed, swam, danced and shared their ice cream like 50 years ago.

On the day of the ceremony, they gathered in a beautiful venue on a hilltop overlooking the infinity of the Aegean Sea. For the decoration, they chose white and pink peonies. They renewed their vows in a tender way in front of a giant flowery wreath while pastel pink ribbons fluttered in the summer breeze. A harp was playing beside them. The moment was so magical that no one remained unmoved.
And the sequel of the night was just as beautiful. The incredible food, the excellent music selections, the professionalism of the waitpersons, the discretion of the photographer, and dozens of other small details created the ideal conditions for their celebration.

It was a wonderful wedding celebration that reminded them why they fell in love.

Colorful peonies

Plan your 50th Wedding Anniversary in Greece.

A couple’s 50th Wedding Anniversary is lovingly known as the Golden Anniversary. The term reflects the preciousness of having spent so many valuable years together.

Organizing a 50th wedding anniversary celebration differs significantly from a typical wedding reception as it requires delicate handling and services. Greece is a suitable destination for such events as it offers hospitality, incredible natural landscapes, romance, history, and many couples from all over the world choose it to celebrate their Golden Anniversary. One of the most popular destinations to celebrate the Golden Anniversary is the Island of Santorini which has associated its name with the charm and the unique view.

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