Delicious wine, lush green or orange leaves and a dreamy rustic setting – what’s not to fall head over heels in love with when planning a winery wedding in Greece?


Why is Santorini the ideal spot?

Becoming more and more popular for their vintage charm and earthy atmosphere, the vineyards of Santorini definitely carry a certain romantic appeal. Plus, they provide a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere – and isn’t that what every couple wants? Most wineries here enjoy spectacular views over the caldera; the breathtaking view of the endless sea and the dormant volcano will mesmerize your guests. After all, you can’t really beat a modern winery built directly on the beach or a traditional winery with the greatest view over the caldera, the volcano or the quaint villages of Fira and Oia. That’s why couples flock here in droves to find the perfect venue to celebrate their nuptials and create memories that will last a lifetime.

married couple in Santorini island

Just married in Santorini island

What’s more, most wineries in Santorini are incredibly convenient with spaces for both the ceremony and reception. A venue that can do double-duty not only will save you on venue fees, but it will also help you cut costs on transportation and decoration. Keep also in mind that the right wedding planner in Greece knows how to get the best value for your money, so even if you have a certain budget you are still going to get a spectacular day.


That’s all? Well, you can also offer an experience to savor and remember to yourselves or your guests – a private tour that centers on the most distinct wines, traditional cellars and mouthwatering tastes of this amazing island. And if you’re wondering why Santorini is so famous for its wines and wineries, the answer has to include a little bit of history. Some 3,000 years ago, this was the site of the world’s largest volcanic eruption as the African and European tectonic plates began a geological battle for supremacy. The explosion was so dramatic it caused the center of the island to collapse in on itself, and covered everything with volcanic ash, lava and pumice stone. This catastrophe created the foundation for perfect soil conditions which now produce more than 50 white and red varieties of grapes and distinctive wines.


When should you set the date?

Vineyards are beautiful all year long, but keep in mind that the passing of each month will change the vine leaves and foliage. Do you prefer the vines to be lush green and full of grapes? Then early summer is the best option. Do you see dark oranges and light reds as your vineyard canvas? Late September and October are the best months for your wedding. With our experience as wedding planners in Santorini, we can make sure that the vineyard will have the exact look you want on your wedding date.

Wedding in Santorini

Wedding in Santorini island at summer time

Winery wedding inspiration & tips

  • Make sure that your wedding dress has some type of red, burgundy or light purple detailing. You can also include these colors in your wedding jewelry, invitations, and décor.
  • To match with the countryside ambiance, choose items that have a rustic vibe. Go with natural-colored tablecloths, warm-tone flowers, and vintage metals. Adorn your wedding with wine corks, barrels, and bottles. Wine crates are also a great way to hold your floral arrangements and centerpieces. Neat rows of grapevines can really hammer home the vibe, especially in photos. Just discuss your wedding vision with our wedding experts in decoration and organization; your imagination is the only limit.

Wedding decoration

  • You can label a few wine bottles for your 1st, 5thand 10thanniversary, and have your guests write a message on them; open up the bottles and enjoy the memories on the anniversary indicated. This is a great way to replace a usual guest book with something both fun and functional!


Whether you have dreamt of an intimate gathering or a spectacular grand party, we can tailor everything in a winery wedding to meet your special requirements. Let us handle the stressful organization of a destination wedding in Greece and get ready to raise a glass to the new Mr. and Mrs.You should only enjoy your big day with no worries… just don’t spill wine on your wedding dress!

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