Santorini Island among top destinations for weddings abroad.

You have always had the dream for the ideal wedding. And what exactly makes a wedding perfect? The scenery! Where is this scenery? There is no doubt that the answer is Greece! A country of extreme beauty, located in the most amazing part of Mediterranean Sea.

There are over 200 islands in Greece that compose a phenomenal landscape. It is a fact that 200 islands are way too many to choose the best. One island, though, has accomplished to gain popularity and become a top worldwide destination for weddings. And that is, Santorini Island for your wedding in Greece. Let’s see why Santorini is famous globally and it is considered as an ideal destination for weddings.

santorini caldera wedding view

 1. One of a kind!

Santorini is a complex of three islands, Thira, Thirasia and Aspronisi. There are also two smaller islands Nea Kameni and Palaia Kameni where the crater of one of the active volcanoes in Europe is. This, both blessed and cursed, island has so many differences that make the perfect combination. The phenomenal Caldera, is basically a crater that the volcano eruption created once. The unique morphology of Santorini makes this island a precious place. This one of a kind landscape can be the background for your wedding in Greece.

2. Gorgeous wedding photos.

When the ceremony ends and you take your way back home what is finally left to remind you your wedding. The wedding photos! Choosing Santorini as your wedding destination will lead to perfect photo results. Your wedding planner in Greece will make sure that your photos will be taken by experts and the best locations in Santorini will be chosen.

santorini wedding

3. Spot the best locations for your wedding.

Caldera: This momentous crater has created a most amazing background that can be seen only in Santorini Island. Caldera is often affiliated with the myth of Atlantis. Your wedding in Santorini will sure have a mythical sense.
Oia: The town that is located to the north part of the Caldera. A town of extraordinary beauty, small white houses with blue shutters and fuchsia flowers. Oia provides an amazing view to the Caldera and the famous sunset of Santorini.
The Red Beach: This name originates from the black and red volcanic rocks that embellish the beach. This unique terrain will make your wedding in Santorini an unforgettable experience.
Perissa: The most popular beach in Santorini with one the clearest waters in Mediterranean Sea and amazing black sand. This beach is fully organized with beach bars and taverns by the sea. The perfect location for your wedding party.
Ammoudi: A spectacular small village with amazing view. It is build virtually by the sea. A cozy and peaceful environment will surround your wedding atmosphere.

4. What others say?

Santorini Island has been selected by thousand couples worldwide. More and more people choose Santorini as a destination for planning their wedding at. Couples from all over the world take the decision to travel all the way to this one of a kind island. Moreover, all wedding planners in Greece recommend Santorini as one of the top wedding destinations. Both intended spouses and wedding planners agree! Will you not take into consideration what others think?

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