What makes Santorini one of the top wedding destinations around the world?

Ι am more than sure that you can characterize Santorini as one of the most acclaimed wedding destinations internationally, leaving apart its extreme beauty and unique character. Why is such though? Is because of its -abovementioned- natural beauty that more and more couples choose the iconic island for the most beautiful day of their life or something more lies behind that?

Santorini superior destination in Greece

Santorini superior destination in Greece santorini-wedding.co

Unique beauty

Unquestionably, the first reason that a couple would choose Santorini for its wedding is its extraordinary charm and original beauty, found nowhere else in the world! Santorini has an impressive history and an even more impressive geological composition. After a sequence of volcanic eruptions, Santorini (or Thira as it is classically named) was formed in the Aegean sea, becoming a part of the Cyclades complex. Black and red beaches, steep cliffs, endless views to the deep blue sea, traditional white and blue houses, all combined with the inactive –yet so prominent- volcano make everyone enthrall to Santorini; a miracle of nature for strong emotions and unforgettable experiences.

Romantic landscape

Yeah, you know, THE sunset…The sunset that is supposed to be one of the best in the world, if not the best. There is a magic in Santorini’s sunset from wherever you watch it…I would totally agree with someone that does not really want to be in a queue to admire the sunset, however in Santorini you have to do this. No because everyone says you have to do it, but because you will really get compensated afterwards. If you just relax and let yourself plunge into this magical moment that the day leaves you will feel the magic and the romance inundate you. As National Geographic commented “It’s just a giant postcard”. What could be more idyllic for two people that have decided to share their life together?

Beach wedding Santorini

Beach wedding Santorini

High-quality products

Besides the natural beauty of the island, many couples choose Santorini because of its geographical position and whatever emanates from it. What first stems from Thira’s geolocation and soil composition is the high-quality of its products. Local delicacies including cherry tomatoes, white aborigine, caper, fava and wine have been internationally awarded for their top quality and premium taste. Traditional recipes, gourmet dishes and, above all, the pure products of the Santorinian earth comprise a gastronomic fusion that couples love to include in their wedding buffet.
Excellent services
Due to the above-mentioned reasons that seduce more and more couples in the island, professionals related to the wedding field invest more and more into their own development and evolution, competing international quality standards. In Santorini, someone can find some of the best catering companies in Greece, outstanding venues and really cautiously-chosen services that guarantee a very well-organized wedding. Furthermore, thanks to its popularity Santorini has turned into a very well known “territory” for the wedding planners and not just the Greek ones. So, even if you cannot organize your wedding all by yourself and you choose to have the help of a wedding planner, be reassured that she/he will know which road to take, or better which cliff…

What else could you say about this magical island?

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Santorini destination wedding

Santorini destination wedding santorini-wedding.co

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