Greece may be well known as a holiday destination, but have you ever thought that it could be a perfect destination for your wedding, as well?


We‘re here to let you know why you should consider Greece as an option.


  1. The phenomenal landscape.

 See, sun, beauty! Three words are enough to describe the incredible landscape in Greece. Greece has one of the most beautiful morphologies, including about 227 inhabited islands. This unprecedented phenomenon designates Greece as one unique destination worldwide. Despite this, beaches are stretching over the mainland, offering numerous gorgeous landscapes. Now imagine your own wedding taking place in one of this amazing islands or in one of its wonderful beaches.

Have you ever imagined your one life moment be surrounded by a unique sunset or a beautiful seaside? You definitely want your wedding to be the perfect moment! Don’t you think that Greece would be the perfect place?


A beautiful destination in Greece


  1. Traditional or modern? Well, both!

 Greece has always been connected with tradition. Well, this is true but if you want a modern wedding who is going to stop you? Greece can easily combine traditional with trendy. It is obvious that Greece provides a wide variety of choices for every taste. Do you love old-fashioned style? Do you and your future spouse follow the trends? Well, both styles can be found in Greece! Therefore, whether you want an orchestra playing Greek traditional music to escort you to the wedding aisle or a fancy after-wedding party in a nightclub, you do have the opportunity to make it happen! Greece and especially Santorini is the perfect destination for your wedding

Greek wedding

Orthodox traditional wedding


  1. We are family!

 Ancient Greek God Zeus was the Father of Gods and the god of hospitality himself. Hospitality is a most important value in Greek culture.You sure want your family to be there for you in your big moment! Well, you will find an even bigger family in Greece. People are known for their kindness and care.They will treat you as a member of their own family. They will help you find the way to the sights, they will welcome you to their homes and give you treats. In Greece we are all members of a big family!


  1. Hello sunshine!

 Another issue that you may encounter, in your wedding preparations, is bad weather. The marriage will be totally ruined, if a sudden shower comes up! Well if you choose Greece as a destination for your wedding, there will be no need to worry about it. Greece has the ideal weather conditions. It is sunny almost in every season. Not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter.You don’t have to worry about bringing heavy coats with you or having an umbrella in your bag all the time. Don’t worry about anything concerning the weather! The sun of Greece will take the control!


Sunset in Greece

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